Authentic Cuban Cigar

Cigars are rolls of dried tobacco leaves and they come in different sizes and different intensities too. In the world, tobacco is grown in various countries such as Cuba, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua, Canary Island, Italy, in the East of the United States and the list goes on. Its origins are not still clear but Mayan paintings included men smoking.  

The most popular cigar is the authentic Cuban cigar. Its production is directly controlled by the Cuban government. In the Cuban Culture the Torcedores are highly respected and they are renowned in the world for their ability of rolling cigars perfectly using their hands. When buying Cuban cigars, is you are looking for a fully handmade product, it should day Totalmente a mano. The cigars with the legend Hecho a Mano, are commonly cigars made by machines and finished by a human.

With the loosening of the embargo, it will be still difficult to get the cigars as the US allows importation of Cuban alcohol or tobacco for the amount of $100 per person, per year. In 2026 Obama decided to lift restrictions on Cuban Cigars, as this restriction had a strict number of cigar that could be bought by year, also eliminating the custom taxed for this product.

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